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" Actually every second Counts" 

DIMS (Designed Integrated Management System) software solution is a small company that takes pride in understanding your business and providing digital solutions to your problems. Even those that you were not aware you had. From point of sale to delivery, our system integrates with your existing accounting system (such as Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Evolution, Palladium Accounting, IQ, Xero, Syspro) and streamlines your entire business process. Our offerings include:-

  • Maximizing the time spent with your client on the sales front using powerful reporting and prompts.

  • Optimizing business operations with regards to the warehouse management, picking, loading and delivering 

  • Providing data analysis for the sales team

  • Increases business revenue, by saving time and working efficiently 

  • Increases the accuracy of deliveries 

  • Improves your customer service levels and satisfaction

Our integrated webstore entices your customers with the convenience of ordering online, anywhere, anytime.

With our Salesman's Briefcase App, your sales team can create orders on the road, using real time information on stock holding and updated pricing. This automates the entire sales process and concludes business deals on-site, right there, right now. 

Large modern warehouse with


Our fully integrated business solution will help you with:-

  • GRV's

  • Stock movement

  • Stock taking

  • Picking

  • Loading 

  • Overall Warehouse management

  • Eliminating human error

Using the latest technology​

The integrated solution will provide you with:-

  • Geo-location of your fleet of trucks

  • Route planning & optimization

  • Electronic Signed PODs

  • General Logistic management 

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Tel. 082 447 7639

Office 031 764 4272


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